24 Mystery black-boxes discovered near Egypt’s Pyramids of Giza

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They weigh more than 100 tons, they are solid Aswan granite, and they are precision engineered to tolerances which would be deemed remarkable even today.  So how did the ancient Egyptians build and put in place the 24 strange and sinister coffin shaped black boxes discovered buried in a hillside cave system, 12 miles south of The Great Pyramid of Giza?  And more importantly, why?  The skillfulness of the stone cutting, accurate to just a few microns, is so remarkable that some experts have concluded that

they were not built for Egyptian pharaohs but in fact left on earth by and alien race and simply appropriated by the kings. The stark black boxes do display some hieroglyphics but they are of such poor quality that the scribbles are regarded as graffiti. The real purpose and function of the boxes remain unclear, but the were clearly of importance, as they

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