3D Printed Drone Swarms Could Give U.S. Army On-Demand Eyes In The Sky

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By Nicholas West

As further proof that technology is indeed a double-edged sword, the U.S. Army is seeking to utilize the wonder of 3D printing to create a faster way to deploy pervasive surveillance.

3D-printed military drones have been explored for several years, with some successes reported. In May of 2013, Robo Raven was announced which incorporated 3D-printed components to produce independently flapping wings.

This development was followed shortly after by the Department of Defense funding a project at the University of Virginia for what would become the first fully 3D-printed military-grade drone, called The Razor. At the time of the announcement, it was expected that a full drone could be produced in approximately 30 hours at a price per unit of around $800.

Now, several years later, the military is seeking to combine advancements in 3D printing with a trend toward drone miniaturization into a project

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