4 Harmful Effects Of Caffeine

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Whether you consume tea, coffee, sodas, energy drinks, or chocolate, you’re consuming some form of caffeine. This post is not meant to demonize caffeine altogether; in fact, at small amounts, caffeine has certain health benefits. It’s the excess use of caffeine that is an issue, as this compound is highly addictive. [1] Caffeine doesn’t even provide true energy–it is merely a stimulant. Still, there are many who rely on it every day to get them going. Are you one those people? Listen up during this post to find out how caffeine dependency can affect your body and mind.

The Effects of Caffeine

Caffeine affects the body on three levels:

Caffeine affects regions in the brain associated with addiction, creating dependency on the substance for an artificial state of energy. Caffeine impacts the entire body with dehydration, and it impairs the digestive system in a number of ways. Caffeine has

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