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Philly D.A. Larry Krasner Ends Cash Bail for Many Offenses, Some Felonies

Larry Krasner, the career criminal defense and civil rights attorney who took office as Philadelphia’s District Attorney in January, announced yesterday that his office will no longer ask local judges to set cash bail for defendants charged with some common crimes. The decision could have a major effect on Philadelphia’s pretrial jail population, which remains […]

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D.C. Public School Chief Resigns After Sneaking His Kids Into Top School

The top public school administrator in Washington, D.C., resigned his position Tuesday, four days after it was revealed that he had conspired with another official to place his daughter in the district’s highest-performing public high school. In the process, Public Schools Chancellor Antwan Wilson bypassed the rules governing placement of district students in schools outside […]

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Dutch Attorney Pleads Guilty to Lying to Special Counsel

Alex Van Der Zwaan’s plea is latest criminal case to come out of Robert Mueller’s investigation. Alec Ward|Feb. 20, 2018 4:10 pm Leah Millis/REUTERS/NewscomAn attorney who used to represent the Ukranian Ministry of Justice pled guilty this afternoon to charges of making false statements to federal investigators. The plea marked the latest criminal case to […]

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In Civilian Court, Terrorist Sentenced After 17 Months; At Guantanamo Tribunal, Still No Trials After 17 Years

Ahmad Rahimi appeared in New Jersey state court to be arraigned in 2016. Mike Segar/Reuters/NewscomTuesday saw two major developments in America’s efforts to prosecute accused terrorists. Between them, they undermine an argument about the alleged need to try terror suspects in military courts. The first development was the sentencing of Ahmad Khan Rahimi, the so […]

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Two Baltimore Police Officers Found Guilty of Armed Robbery, Racketeering

Kim Hairston/TNS/NewscomA jury has found two former Baltimore police officers guilty of robbery, racketeering, and conspiracy for their years-long participation in a crime ring within the city’s Gun Trace Task Force. By detailing one of the most egregious cases of police corruption in Baltimore’s history, the trial has raised broad questions about misconduct within a […]

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This Boring British Cops Clone May Show the Future of American Mass Surveillance

Wikimedia CommonsBBC’s popular reality show Traffic Cops is not so far from what a stereotype-inclined American might imagine if told “it’s like Cops, but British.” It also shows a worrying future-that-might-be of mass surveillance in America. Traffic Cops may not be a montage of helmeted and mustachioed bobbies puffing after pickpocketing orphans on cobblestoned streets. […]

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National I.D. By Any Other Name Still Stinks

There have been many pushes to centralize and standardize our individual identification data at the federal level. But when given the choice, American voters and their representatives have always rejected the idea of National I.D. Alas, that hasn’t stopped the government with going ahead with it anyway. In a new report published by the Cato […]

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Baltimore Cops on Trial for a Criminal Conspiracy That Looks a Lot Like Everyday Policing

Wikimedia Commons In theory, the Baltimore Police Department’s now-defunct Gun Trace Task Force was an elite unit dedicated to finding illegal guns. In practice, prosecutors say, it was an armed robbery and extortion conspiracy carried out under color of law. Its members allegedly used their police powers to detain people, take their money, and keep […]

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