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Confirmed: Authorities LIED About Las Vegas Shooter’s Hotel Check-In Date – What Else Are They Hiding?

Over the last few days the alternative media has spent countless hours conducting their own investigations into what actually happened during the mass shooting in Las Vegas that left 59 dead and over 500 injured. From reports of multiple shooters to officials seemingly covering up the ISIS connection, many different theories have been put forth […]

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“Maybe It’s The Calm Before The Storm” – President Trump Makes Ominous Warning While Meeting With Top Military Leaders

President Trump, speaking ahead of a planned dinner with his top military leaders, told reporters late Thursday night that the meeting could be the “calm before the storm,” a statement that has many wondering if some sort of major military action is set to begin in the near future. As reporters were brought into the White […]

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“The Revolution Will Not Uphold the Constitution” – Hard-Left Black Lives Matter Agitators Disrupt ACLU Free Speech Event

A group of hard-left agitators affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement disrupted a free speech event put on by the American Civil Liberties Union at the College of William & Mary, rushing the stage and preventing the guest from even speaking while chanting Antifa like slogans about how bad the country is and the need […]

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Liberal Psychotherapists Pen Open Letter Declaring Trump And His Supporters Responsible for Mental Health Crisis, Use Same Fake News Lies As Mainstream Media

A group of mostly liberal mental health experts has penned an anti-Trump hit piece that declares the president and his tens of millions of supporters responsible for a new mental health crisis that the so-called “experts” claim is hurting anyone who disagrees with Trump policies in general. The letter, published by various liberal “news” outlets, essentially […]

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“F**K Freedom of Speech”: Crazed Leftist Steals MAGA Hat, Claims Speech Is Genocide And that Trump Supporters Need To Be Gotten Rid Of

A Trump supporter attending the University of California, Riverside had his “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) hat stolen from him by a crazed leftist who then went on a psychotic rant that attacked everything from the very idea of free speech to the existence of too many white people in the country. The shocking video, first […]

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Puerto Rico Streets In Total Darkness As Over 3 Million People Go Without Power After Hurricane Maria “Obliterates” Island

Over 3 million residents of Puerto Rico are without power after Hurricane Maria devastated the island Wednesday morning with Category 4 winds as high as 155 mph and officials have warned that power may not be restored for months. The powerful winds took out trees, ripped off roofs, and turned roads into free flowing rivers, with […]

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Insanity: Mainstream Media Triggered Over Trump Sovereignty Talk, Claims America First Idea Is Russian Propaganda

In yet another example of obvious disinformation being pushed by the establishment media, noted liar and MSNBC host Brian Williams took to the airwaves Wednesday to complain about the presidents use of the word “sovereignty” before interviewing a former CIA operative who declared that the literal idea of putting ones country first somehow “plays into Putin’s playbook”. […]

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