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Common Sense

Common sense is a rare quality these days. I read the news every day, both the main stream and alternative, and you have to really have comprehension if you want to work your way through it. If you believe ABC then you’d expect Trump to be on the WhiteHouse roof clubbing democrats with a musket […]

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Let The Blue Boy Play

Let the Blue Boy play. That’s a line from a concert I listened to last night. After a hell-acious week I found myself sitting on my porch with my iPhone, and a six pack feeling beat up. Mental and physical exhaustion had piled up on me, and I couldn’t see writing anything that night or […]

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  After centuries of order based on the acceptance of the divine right of rule imposed on the people beginning with the declining aristocracy of Rome, western civilization veered toward democracy as the base principle from which the legitimacy of governing authority would flow. In England kings were finding that their crowns sat with increasing […]

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In The Beginning

This is the first in a series of articles defining the steps that brought us to our current political situation.   In The Beginning in order that we may more closely examine the condition of our current political state of affairs, a brief examination of how things came to be the way they are is […]

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What It Takes To Be A Writer

In case you haven’t noticed it, I’m prone to melancholy moods. You don’t have to be crazy to be a writer, but it sure helps. To begin with you have to convince people that you are a writer, especially family. I mean all those chowderheads who can’t compose a grocery list, but they have all […]

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Master Chief

Master Chief Wilbur Witt III retired last week in San Diego. When he joined the Navy back in ’93 we had no idea he would take it that far, but we should have. At two years old he would put his fireman’s hat on and race around our living room going to “work” every morning. […]

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Anarchy, A New Beginning For America The future always has a way of asking questions about the past. A future that does not know its past is like a bastard child; it wants to know who its father was.   Later, when they start asking the tough questions about what happened to America, they won’t […]

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The Last Picture Show

    There was a movie back in the seventies, I think, The Last Picture Show. It was in black and white. A lot of people thought that was for effect, but the truth of the matter is that format exemplified the Texas that I grew up in. Our lives were black and white, both […]

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Plain Truth

There are times when you are called to do something that is so cutting edge that it has a life of its own. I’m known to step outside the box and I did that tonight. What I wrote was extreme when I wrote this article, but I wrote it to make a point. I’m tired […]

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