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Dirty Laundry

I don’t normally air my CPS dirty laundry, but I’m involved in a situation in Brigham City, Utah that boggles the mind. My ex adopted my five grandchildren back in 2011 after my daughter in law and son fell into drugs. Even though I wasn’t personally involved with the case, we divorced to appease the […]

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Cost Cutting Measures for Congress

With the Trump administration cutting government expenses at every turn, I’d like to offer some humble advice as just a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin to, in my opinion, make the Congress  more efficient, and relieve us, the tax payers, of the burden of supporting the new royalty we have grown to know and love. […]

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A Man For All Seasons

Every now and again there is a man for all seasons. A Thomas More, Jefferson, Crockett or a James Yeager. Someone who stands up, tells it like it is, says what he means, and doesn’t back down when the going gets rough. The world attacks these people. In a society of go along to get […]

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The Left

The Liberal Left business model of secularism has led America to the state that it finds itself in today. Replacing humanity with challenges to common sense, indeed, the denial of everything that makes humans, well, human, contradicts our very DNA. As politicians, psychologists, and cultural reformers try to remake mankind we suddenly find that you […]

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Off The Cuff or Bitch Slap!

Off the cuff or bitch slap? Over the years the American public has come to accept the fact that with politicians, especially presidents, what you see is definitely not what you get. This has been proven recently dozens of times as we have learned that the smiling congressman kissing a baby later propositioned the mother […]

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The Bill of Rights

The delusion of our constitutional rights began before the ink was dry on the Bill of Rights. The constitution itself was written to constrain government, but the Bill of Rights was specificity composed as a result of government overreach by the powers that were in force at the time in a far away land. There […]

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Sons of Guns? Cracker PLEASE!

Sons Of Guns? Sons Of Bi#%£es! The Will Haden story brings the light of sanity to recent events that have cost so many so much. He was sentenced to two life sentences plus forty years on May 11th, and I think it’s poetic justice that the story didn’t event pre-empt Donald Trump’s Big Mac that […]

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Screw the UN

Screw the UN! I have never understood why we, as a nation, funnel money into an organization so obviously New World Order, and now, after our President made the obvious observation that Jerusalem is, and always has been the Capitol of Israel and was condemned for it while they’re in OUR building I understand it […]

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Police Training

  Police Training is the trump card that supplants the law. Folks, the DOGS have police training. Men should be smarter than dogs! You know, when it comes to interactions between cops and Americans you try to be fair. Be conservative. You try to find some small kernel that will bring the whole thing together, […]

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