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VAR Shocks!

By Chris at How much money can you lose on any given day according to an entire squadron of dynamic variable factors? It’s called value at risk (VAR), and because every hedge fund, investment bank, prop house, and algo firm wants to assess their own risk — while at the same time sneakily wanting to know […]

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China Launches Official Investigation Into US Intellectual Property Practices

By Chris at Last week, China bypassed the World Trade Organisation agreements and using an old law officially launched a probe into Americas intellectual property practices. China’s foreign affairs minister, talking of America, stated that: “We’ve come to the conclusion that they’re in an economic war and they’re crushing us.” Reiterating this stance, a Chinese […]

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The Common Sense Way To Get Rid Of Kim Jong-Un

By Chris at That will never happen! Much to the consternation of the little men in that incestuous, insular, politically inbred, inward looking place called Washington DC, young Kim is firing rockets into the air to much fanfare in his desperately poor paradise. This week, the UN security council unanimously approved sanctions against the naughty boy […]

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South Africa To Crack Up?

By Chris at Awwww! It’s true, though, provided what is shared is useful. A fellow subscriber to the Capitalist Exploits community who asked to remain anonymous is a macro strategist with a strong interest in South Africa. After my article on that clown Mugabe and subsequently on South Africa mean reverting to the rest of […]

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The Coming Financial Disruption

By Chris at From the late 1700’s through the 1800’s the first industrial revolution brought immense benefits to the average Jack. Mass production of textiles, transportation, food, and beer meant that it was no longer just Lords and Ladies that could afford to get hammered. Indeed, Jack and Jill too could fall down the hill […]

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The Virtues Of Discrimination

By Chris at I deserve to be punished! Yesterday, I received some mail from subscribers in response to my article about the end of the empire: “More buggered than an alter boy at the Vatican”. This is a witch hunt against the clergy. Can’t you see that? You perpetuate the lies and I hope God […]

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How Will The Empire End?

By Chris at It was back in the early 1800’s that the Brits left the sodden, miserable shores of their murky island, grabbed their trumpets, tucked their trousers into the socks, and began conquering the world with the cunning use of flags.   Like all good conquerors, they had a backup plan in the event flags […]

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Revisiting Saudi Arabia

By Chris at In May of last year I was attempting to figure out if there was an asymmetric play to be had in the land of sand and black gloop. There were a lot of moving pieces to deal with. I think it’s worth revisiting but first it’s worth reviewing what I thought just […]

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