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Brickbat: Locked Up

Stuart Miles / DreamstimePatience Tagarira went to the Luton, England, police station to talk to an officer about an incident in which a bicyclist fell and became wedged beneath her car. Instead, she was left in the reception area for 30 minutes without seeing an officer. Then, the station was closed and locked with her […]

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Brickbat: Got Your Goat

Officials in Bowling Green, Ohio, have ordered Justin and Amanda Held to get rid of three goats or face a misdemeanor zoning violation charge. This is the second time the city has ordered the Helds to get rid of the goats. The couple removed the goats last year but brought them back after a doctor […]

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Brickbat: Acting Like Adults

Legaleagle86/Creative CommonsIndia’s supreme court has overturned a lower court ruling that confined a woman named Hadiya, 25, to her parents’ home, allowing her to return to homeopathy college. But it refused to overturn the lower court’s annulment of her marriage and placed her under the guardianship of her college dean who has said he will […]

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Brickbat: No Bad Dog

Joruba / DreamstimeA St. Paul, Minnesota, woman was left with scars after she was attacked by a police K9. Desiree Collins was taking her garbage out and the cops were looking for a burglary suspect when the dog attacked her. When she asked why the dog attacked her, officers told her, “Just at the wrong […]

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Brickbat: Russian Purge

Scaliger / DreamstimeRussia has deported Polish historian Henryk Glebocki. The Federal Security Service detained him and removed him from the country a day after he gave a lecture on the fate of Polish citizens during the Stalinist purges of the late 1930s.

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Brickbat: There’s a New Marshal in Town

KiloCharlieLimaThe student union at King’s College, a public university in England, pays “safe space marshals” to police campus speakers to make sure they don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable. They make £12 an hour and get free tea and coffee and yoga and spin classes. Members of the school’s Israel Society note that marshals were present […]

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Brickbat: Kiss This

Antonio Guillem / DreamstimePolice in Tanzania have arrested a woman, who wasn’t identified by media, after video of her kissing another woman at a party was shared on the Internet. Homosexuality is a crime in Tanzania carrying up to a life sentence, and the government has cracked down on homosexuals since President John Magufuli came […]

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Brickbat: Stealing a Kiss

The Police Service of Northern Ireland has deleted a tweet that warned people that kissing someone under the mistletoe without consent is rape, but not before that tweet was widely shared, and mocked. Officials said the tweet was taken out of context.

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Brickbat: Adding Injury to Insult

Bravissimos / DreamstimePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, City Council member Cindy Bass says it is an insult to the residents of some neighborhoods that stores in those neighborhoods have bulletproof glass between the cashiers and customers. She has authored a bill that would require stores to remove such glass. She says its sends a message that the customers […]

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Brickbat: Penny Wise

Creative CommonsLast year, a Lycoming County, Pennsylvania probation officer tore a pair of pants chasing a probationer who had failed to report. He filed to be reimbursed for the cost of the pants. County Controller Krista Rogers rejected that claim. He took that matter to court, and a judge ordered Rogers to pay him $60 […]

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