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The Prepper’s Dictionary

Do you ever start reading a prepping article and have absolutely no idea what the heck the writer is talking about because of all the jargon? Are you wondering what all those prepper acronyms actually stand for? Do you wish you had a prepper’s dictionary to translate it all? Especially when you’re new to the […]

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Don’t Worry. You Can Always Prep Later

You meant well. You were going to start prepping after you moved out of the city. You had read about it, thought about it, planned on doing it “one day.” But, now, here you are, in your reeking, third-floor apartment. You have no heat, no water, and no lights. The kids are shivering. They’re bored. […]

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President Trump Sued Because His Hotels Take Money When Foreign Guests Stay There

Raise your hand if you’re surprised that someone has already found a way to sue President Trump. Anybody? Hello? (taps microphone) Is this thing on? Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) is the group behind the legal action. They’re filing a suit alleging that the president is violating a constitutional ban on accepting […]

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