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ESPN Will Get Better, or Fail Trying

glemak/flickrESPN, which has lost millions of subscribers in recent years, announced it would be laying off 100 employees, mostly on-air talent, as The Hollywood Reporter reports—they are not the first big layoffs at the sports network, but represent ESPN’s continuing efforts to respond to increased competitive pressure as fortress cable’s hold on Americans’ viewing habits […]

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New Trump Tax Cut Plan, Trump National Monument Review, ‘Net Neutrality’ Roll Back Begins: P.M. Links

Ed Krayewski|Apr. 26, 2017 4:30 pm davity dave/flickrThe Trump administration announced a new tax cut plan. President Trump signed an executive order to review what he terms the “egregious abuse” of national monuments designation by his predecessors. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai began the process of rolling back so-called net neutrality regulations. Barack Obama will give […]

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Oklahoma Death Penalty Commission Recommends Extending Moratorium

Oklahoma DOCThe Oklahoma Death Penalty Review Commission recommended that the state extend its moratorium on executions “until significant reforms have been accomplishing,” offering 44 specific recommendations related to a variety of death penalty-related topics they studied in their year-long investigation of the death penalty in Oklahoma and the United States. “Many of the findings of […]

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No, the Le Pen-Macron French Presidential Match-Up Isn’t Just Like Trump-Clinton

Panoramic/ZUMA Press/NewscomEmmanuel Macron, a former economy minister who founded the political party En Marche! last year, and the National Front’s (FN) Marine Le Pen finished in the top two spots in the first round of the French presidential election, inviting ill-fitting comparisons to last year’s U.S. presidential election. Donald Trump, who after the Brexit victory […]

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Protests against Socialism in Venezuela Escalate Again, Not Because of Donald Trump

MIGUEL GUTIERREZ/EPA/NewscomThe socialist government of Venezuela has faced street protests on-and-off for more than the last three years, ever since it ramped up its crackdown on a growing opposition. Hugo Chavez, the late former president, was a popular figure in Venezuela, and among Western leftists, while the price of oil was high and giving him […]

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France Election Preview: Terrorism, Socialism, Nationalist Socialism, and the Prospects for Economic Liberalization

The attack on a police bus on the Champs-Elysee in Paris yesterday, which killed two police officers and for which ISIS claimed responsibility, came while France’s presidential candidates were participating in their last televised forum, and President Trump said today that he thought the attack would help the National Front’s Marine Le Pen. “She’s the […]

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Judge OK’s DHS Tracking Plane Because It Left L.A., a ‘Source City’ for Drugs, Going to Philly, a ‘Destination City’

Police may have reasonable suspicion to track individuals if they are behaving strangely while traveling or using unusual means of travel, even if the behavior or means of travel are legal, Chief Judge David Brooks Smith ruled (pdf) in a case in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals involving the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) […]

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Is Certification of Iran’s Compliance With the Nuclear Deal a ‘Coming of Age’ for the Trump Admin?

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson certified to Congress that Iran was complying with Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), or Iran nuclear deal, before a statutory midnight deadline, while also insisting Iran remained “a leading state sponsor of terror through many platforms and methods” and indicating that the Trump administration would evaluate the JCPOA-related suspension […]

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Navy, Marine Corps Prohibit Sending Nudes without Consent; IMF Chief Says Members Support Free, Fair Trade; Tucker Carlson Replacing Bill O’Reilly: P.M. Links

The White House denies President Trump misled anyone when he said the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson was headed for the Sea of Japan while it was on its way to Australia because it will be going there eventually. The Navy and the Marine Corps have officially prohibited service members from sharing nudes without the consent […]

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