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Trump Redeclares War on Terror in Inaugural Address

Republicans got their wish today for a president that would utter the term “radical Islamic terrorism,” when Donald Trump promised to “unite the civilized world against radical Islamic terrorism, which we will eradicate from the face of the Earth.” The use of the term became on issue on the campaign trail during the Republican primary […]

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Obama Administration’s 2016 U.S. Kill Count Outside “Hostile Areas” at 432 to 442, Including Just 1 ‘Non-Combatant’

The Obama administration released its first, and last, annual report summarizing U.S. government strikes on “terrorist targets outside areas of active hostilities,” which the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) defines in the report as Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. The report was mandated by an executive order President Obama signed just last year. The Obama administration […]

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5 Obama Administration Accomplishments Libertarians Might Appreciate

The Obama administration has been defined by a lot of big, dumb fails, including the 2009 stimulus, Obamacare, and a failure to contain the Islamic State (ISIS). President Obama and the Democrats spent their period of single-party control (2009-2010) successfully pushing a progressive agenda that locked in rising debt levels and led to massive electoral […]

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Obama’s Final Presidential Press Conference, Senate Committee Approves Mattis for Defense, Senegalese Troops Move Closer to Gambian Border: P.M. Links

Ed Krayewski|Jan. 18, 2017 4:30 pm White HouseAt his last press conference as president, Barack Obama insists Julian Assange’s offer to surrender himself played no role in the decision to grant Chelsea Manning clemency. The president also pardoned Baseball Hall of Famer Willie McCovey, who plead guilty to tax evasion in 1995. Donald Trump said […]

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Survey of Police Finds Most Cops Believe Protesters Motivated by Anti-Police Sentiment, Incidents of Police Violence Are Isolated

A new wide-ranging survey of police officers around the country from the the Pew Research Center reveals a vast majority believe that the focus by the media and protesters on incidents of police violence have made their job more difficult. The Pew Research Center surveyed nearly 8,000 police officers from departments ranging in size from […]

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Trump Calls CNN Fake News, Rex Tillerson Says Islam a ‘Great Religion’, Hollywood Says Goodbye to Obama: P.M. Links

Donald Trump called CNN “fake news” in his first press conference since last July. At his confirmation hearing for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson called Islam a “great religion.” Hollywood says goodbye to Barack Obama. Dylann Roof was formally sentenced to death. Taiwan responds to China sending a carrier into the Taiwan Strait. Facebook launches […]

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Judge Dismisses Libel Lawsuit against Donald Trump

A New York judge accepted Donald Trump’s motion to dismiss a libel lawsuit brought against him by Cheryl Jacobus, a political strategist Trump said on Twitter had “begged” him for a job and was only criticizing him because she was rebuffed. The Hollywood Reporter, which first reported the dismissal and which posted the decision on […]

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