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The ‘Politics of Division’ Is ‘Who We Are as a Country’

Former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush gave a pair of unrelated but thematically linked speeches yesterday that were widely understood to be rebukes of Trumpism. Unfortunately, the speeches also trotted out some tired clichés about division in American politics, with Bush calling out Russia for taking advantage of those divisions. “America is experiencing […]

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How Niger Is Kind of Like Benghazi

It’s always exciting to watch a partisan talking point emerge in real time. Take the tortured analogy between the 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi and the ambush that just killed four American soldiers in Niger. As the talking point metastasizes on Twitter, it’s already being echoed by a member of Congress, with […]

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Trump Promised Soldier’s Dad $25K But Never Followed Through, Roy Moore Insists Kneeling for Anthem Against the Law, Alligators Eat Sharks: P.M. Links

Foter.comPresident Trump reportedly promised the father of a soldier who was killed in Afghanistan $25,000 but never followed through. Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified in Congress today, insisting he was not part of the Russia “facade.” Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore claimed it was “against the law” for NFL players to kneel during the national […]

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The Real Insult to the Troops Is Rudderless Military Adventurism

Several pundits, members of Congress, and former Obama officials have worked themselves up over President Donald Trump’s latest perceived slight to military families. But the far greater and more persistent slight comes from a rudderless U.S. foreign policy whose pointless military interventions lead inevitably to needless deaths. Had Trump not botched the landing so tremendously […]

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Trump vs. NBC News, Conservative Activists vs. Mitch McConnell, United States vs. No One: P.M. Links

Ed Krayewski|Oct. 11, 2017 4:30 pm llreadll/flickrPresident Trump lashed out at NBC News after they reported that he wanted a “tenfold” increase in America’s nuclear arsenal, a report the president denied. A group of conservative activists is calling on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to step down. The president is expected to nominate Kirstjen Nielsen, […]

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Bronx Cop Kept Job After Authorities Found Video of Sex With Underage Girl

YouTubeA Bronx cop has been indicted on 67 counts related to paying a teenage girl for sex and recording the encounter, seven months after police raided his apartment. The authorities seized Officer Raul Olmeda’s computer, multiple external hard drives, his phone, and a video camera, reportedly obtaining recordings of his sexual encounters. Nevertheless, the New […]

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Latest Russia Conspiracy Theory: Facebook Pages Are Culture Hacks Meant to ‘Harvest Rage’

sbluerock/flickrIt has come to this: The latest reporting on Russia’s attempts to “interfere” with the U.S. presidential election focuses on Facebook groups that posted content created by Americans. This, The New York Times breathlessly reports, represented an effort to “Reshape U.S. Politics.” What are the Russians accused of this time? “The Russian pages—with names like […]

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Pence Walks Out on Colts Game Because Posturing and Performance Are What Politics Is

TwitterVice President Mike Pence made a big deal of walking out on today’s Indianapolis Colts because he and President Trump would not “dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our Flag, or our National Anthem,” as he tweeted earlier. The Colts were playing the 49ers, whose Colin Kaepernick, no longer on the team, started the […]

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