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Beat YouTube Censorship -Regulation Trap (VIDEO)

By: Barry Soetoro |  HOW do you beat YouTube? NOT by demanding “more regulation” from the same Regime censoring the web! Don’t fall into that TRAP. Google is an arm of the US Government — and they’ve been instructed to kill Free Speech. But their schemes keep failing — so their new tactic is CHAOS. […]

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How Video Games Affect your Brain

By: Ryan Varela |  Video games have become a major form of leisure and recreation for almost every generation. These come in several categories including action packed, puzzle, word, and role playing games. With the fast changing innovations in the field of technology, more advanced softwares have been developed and produced. These include more vibrant images, entertaining sounds, and mind boggling challenges. The updates offered users a more enjoyable and fun experience. It also allows them to positively develop their […]

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Trouble for Big Pharma as Nearly 50% of People Report Quitting Pills for CBD

By: CAREY WEDLER, THEANTIMEDIA.ORG |  According to a recent survey conducted by cannabis market research firm the Brightfield Group and HelloMD, an online medical cannabis community, nearly half of CBD (cannabidiol) users give up prescription drugs and over the counter medications in favor of the non-psychoactive substance. The survey of over 2,400 respondents found forty-two percent of CBD users — whether they used […]

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After GOP Fails to Repeal Obamacare, Sanders will Introduce Single-Payer (VIDEO)

By: Dawn Luger, The Daily Sheeple |  Vermont Senator and socialist, Bernie Sanders said Sunday that he will absolutely introduce a single-payer health care bill. If you think health care is bad now because of government interference, just wait until the government literally controls your health and body ww100%. “Absolutely, of course, we are,” Sanders told CNN’s […]

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It’s Here. Geoengineering now Normalized as Scientists Spray Chemicals to Dim the Sun, Soak Up CO2

Scientists plan to use geoengineering — capturing carbon from the air, and spraying aerosols to dim sunlight — to stave off theorized global warming.  Undeterred by steep cost and the interminable controversy on the very concept of global warming, scientists will again experiment with geoengineering — as a means to bolster the effect of cloud cover by […]

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Gold And Silver – Value Remains Irrelevant To Price

By: Edge Trader Plus |  Value is subjective, reflective of one’s feelings or opinions.  In the minds of those who value gold, throughout the ages and around the world, this precious metal is deemed to have an intrinsic value superior to most other assets.  The well-used adjective, intrinsic, is also subjective, construed as essential, belonging […]

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FBI Agent Indicted In Killing of Lavoy Finicum, Hires High-Profile DC Lawyer

EXECUTED:Robert LaVoy Finicum (January 27, 1961 – January 26, 2016) 21st Century Wire says… Back in January of 2016, 21WIRE reported how the Oregon Standoff protesters’ convoy was intercepted in a ambush by federal forces, and how Lavoy Finicum was executed by a rogue agent. The mainstream media was silent. Running point on the government’s propaganda […]

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