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Trump’s Pick For HHS Secretary Is a Former Drug Executive Who Thinks Obamacare is a “Fundamentally Broken System”

BILL GREENBLATT/UPI/NewscomPresident Trump will appoint former drug company president and government health official Alex Azar to lead the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Until January of this year, Azar, who was trained as a lawyer and clerked for several conservative judges, was president of Lilly USA, an affiliate of Eli Lilly and Co. […]

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Two Senators Want a Bipartisan Deal to Prop Up Obamacare

After President Trump announced last week that he would be cutting off payment of a set of insurer subsidies under Obamacare, potentially disrupting the health law’s government-run insurance exchanges, at least in the short term, there was some discussion about whether the move would prompt Congress to finally act. After all, the Trump administration, in […]

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GOP Leaders are Trying to Bribe An Alaska Senator to Repeal Obamacare—By Letting Her State Keep Obamacare

Ron Sachs/SIPA/NewscomThe desperate Republican effort to cobble together the votes necessary to pass legislation that would rewrite Obamacare has now descended into low farce. For backers of Graham-Cassidy, which supporters have described as a repeal of Obamacare, the number one target is Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, who was one of three Senate Republicans who voted […]

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Medicaid for All Would ‘Bankrupt the Nation,’ Warns Bernie Sanders—In 1987

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) introduced new legislation yesterday to expand Medicare to everyone in the United States. The bill, which came with 15 Democratic co-sponsors, envisions universal coverage, paid for by tax increases, that would be far more generous than what is offered by any other first-world government-run health care system offers. Notably absent from […]

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Obamacare Repeal Is Dead. Here Come the Bailouts.

After nine months of legislative drama, the GOP effort to overhaul Obamacare is dead. Last week President Trump seemed to say as much, tweeting that Republicans should accept defeat on health care and move on to reworking the tax code. Even if congressional Republicans wanted to take another shot at rewriting the health law, they […]

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The Trump Administration Is Cutting Obamacare’s Advertising Budget by 90 Percent. Good.

Last week, the Trump administration announced that it would reduce the advertising budget for Obamacare by 90 percent. For this, the Trump administration has been accused of intentionally sabotaging the health care law. There is little evidence that the promotional funds were cost-effective, however. And even if the Trump administration is undermining the law, that […]

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