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Philippines: 100% GMO-Free?

The Sleuth Journal is an independent alternative media organization comprised of individuals and groups working to shed the light on truth in government, politics, world and local news, civil liberties, natural health and medicine and other important topics that the mainstream media fails or refuses to expose. This information is being presented to you in […]

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Glyphosate: Persistently Toxic

For decades, Monsanto has claimed that the glyphosate in its Roundup herbicide breaks down so quickly that we shouldn’t worry about the chemical’s impact on soils. Independent scientists (i.e., scientists not funded by the chemical industry) have disagreed. Now, a new study by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre and two Dutch laboratories confirms: Contrary […]

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US ‘Actively Supported’ Indonesia Mass Killings in 1960s, Documents Reveal

(RT) Newly declassified documents reveal not just the US government’s “detailed knowledge” of the Indonesian Army’s mass killings of members of the Communist Party (PKI), but its “active support” of the slaughter. The documents, posted Tuesday by the National Security Archive at the George Washington University in Washington, DC, show that US officials “actively supported Indonesian Army […]

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Dying to Eat

For all Monsanto’s bluster about “feeding the world,” the truth is this: Globally, 3.9 billion people are either hungry or malnuourished, according to ETC Group. Now, a new global study (billed as the most comprehensive of its kind) says poor diet, which often leads to obesity, kills one in five people. The Institute for Health […]

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The Plastic Inside You

If you drink tap water, you’re probably drinking plastic fibers. According to 10-month investigation conducted by journalists and scientists at Orb Media: Microscopic plastic fibers are flowing out of taps from New York to New Delhi, according to exclusive research by Orb and a researcher at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health. From […]

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US Threatens to ‘Cut China Off’ from Dollar if it Does Not Uphold Sanctions Against N. Korea

(RT) The US could impose economic sanctions on China if it does not implement the new sanctions regime against North Korea, the US Treasury Secretary has warned. Steven Mnuchin said the restrictions could involve cutting off Beijing’s access to the US financial system. “North Korea economic warfare works,” Mnuchin said Tuesday at the Delivering Alpha Conference […]

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Antibiotic-Resistance: Bad Bug

We know that the routine use of antibiotics on factory farms led to antibiotic-resistance and a huge public health crisis. Now new research by scientists at Dalian University of Technology in China have uncovered another factory farm-related source of antibiotic resistance: antibiotic-resistant genes in the fishmeal, meat-and-bone meal and chicken meal fed to animals imprisoned […]

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Opioid Epidemic of Fraud

Collusion between Big Pharma and the federal government is to blame for the current opioid epidemic in the U.S., says a team of Harvard researchers. The authors of “The Opioid Epidemic: Fixing a Broken Pharmaceutical Market” cite estimates from the American Society of Addiction of Medicine that over 2.5 million Americans now have an opioid […]

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