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Frontrunning: March 28

U.S. stock futures up as investors look beyond failed healthcare bill (Reuters) Ryan’s Tax Plan May Get Familiar Foes: GOP’s Conservative Caucus (BBG) Congress to Battle Over Spending After Failed Health Bill (WSJ) Trump to End Obama Policies for Paris Climate Accord (BBG) Trump to sign order sweeping away Obama-era climate policies (Reuters) If Stocks […]

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“Whenever Stocks Go Down, Everyone Still Goes Into ‘The Sky Is Falling’ Mode”

It was just yesterday morning, when futures were tumbling during the year’s worst pre-market selloff in the aftermath of Friday’s GOP failure to repeal Obamacare, that Bloomberg’s Richard Breslow wrote “traders have lost confidence in their ability to interpret what’s plainly market-moving news.” He added that “far from hoping to be the first to trade, […]

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“They ‘Buy The Dip’ Yet Again”: Global Stocks, US Futures Rebound; Dollar Rises Off 4 Month Lows

European, Asian stocks have rebounded as investor anxiety over Trump economic policy and US tax reform eased following yesterday’s remarkable comeback in the US market. S&P futures point to a slightly higher open, with oil higher and the dollar rebounding off fout month lows. It is a relatively quiet day in the US with the […]

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2017.03.27 - Tesla 1_0-780c63f3615d7f63210d3f1b61dbf0042829ee61

Has Elon Musk Setup Tesla For An ‘Epic Fail’ With His Model 3 Production Guidance (Hint: Yes)

Elon Musk, Silicon Valley’s automotive visionary, loves to wow the world with grandiose visions that serve primarily to reinforce his position at the top of the list of tech titans.  That said, at some point we suspect his shareholders will actually expect him to perform against his ‘visions’ rather than simply talk about them. And […]

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“Couldn’t Hit An Elephant” – Over-Confident NATO Generals & Russian Retaliation

Authored by Jeff Thomas via, “They couldn’t hit an elephant at this distance.” Those are purported to be the last words of General John Sedgwick, spoken as he observed distant Confederate troops during the 1864 Battle of Spotsylvania in Virginia. (Historians debate as to whether these were his very final words or amongst his […]

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2017.03.27 - Robots 2_0-3521abe020af0eb6973b023b197cf026a54604fa

Why Foreign Robots Are The Real U.S. Job Killer

Over the past several months President Trump has called out pretty much every major auto OEM for their efforts to move low-skilled assembly jobs to Mexico.  But absent new tariffs, it’s not terribly surprising to most people that American companies would seek to move low-skilled, labor-intensive jobs to lower cost labor markets…the math is pretty […]

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Frontrunning: March 27

Markets Slide on Doubts that Trump Can Deliver (BBG) Dollar hits four-month low as Trump trade deflates (Reuters) These Charts Show Alarm Bells Ringing on Trump Trade (BBG) White House may court Democrats on tax reform (Reuters) Republicans Could Have Another Fight Over Tax Overhaul (WSJ) ‘Religious left’ emerging as U.S. political force in Trump […]

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