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Saudi Purge Claims It’s Latest Corporate Victim As Kingdom Holdings Sees $1.3 Billion Bank Deal Collapse

For the past couple of weeks we’ve written frequently about the sudden political turmoil in Saudi Arabia that resulted in two Saudi princes being killed in a span of just 24 hours and dozens others being detained on charges of corruption while having their bank accounts frozen.  Here are couple of our most recent background […]

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Trump Dissolves Charitable Foundation (As Promised)

Fulfilling a promise he made in December 2016, NBC News reports that President Trump is in the process of dissolving his charitable foundation, which admitted last year that it violated federal rules on “self-dealing.” As we noted in December, the foundation, which has been the subject of several controversies and investigations, was originally set up […]

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Meanwhile In Sweden, Crime Hits All Time Highs

It appears President Trump, having warned that Sweden’s huge intake of refugees would lead to “problems like they never thought possible,” has been vindicated. Following media mockery and Sweden’s official Twitter account responding: “Hey Don, this is @Sweden speaking! It’s nice of you to care, really, but don’t fall for the hype. Facts: We’re OK!” […]

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Gresham’s Law

Authored by Ted Rivelle via, This year’s Nobel prize in economics was awarded to Richard Thaler, a pioneer of behavioral economics. But there is a tale told by a lesser known Nobel laureate, Kenneth Arrow. As a World War II weather officer, he was tasked with analyzing the reliability of the army’s long-range weather […]

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