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Wal-Mart Slides On Disappointing Guidance

Despite reporting strong earnings which beat on both the top and bottom line in today’s most anticipated earnings report, Walmart stock is down 3%, sliding to the lowest level since late July after it provided full year EPS guidance whose midpoint was below Wall Street expectations. First, here are WMT’s otherwise respectable historical results. Q2 […]

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Euro Dumps To Session Lows After ECB Minutes Reveal Concerns About “Euro Overshooting”

While hardly a surprise after yesterday’s Reuters trial balloon, which killed any speculation that Draghi would use the Jackson Hole podium to announce ECB balance sheet tapering, sending the EUR sliding, moments ago the EUR dumped to fresh session lows after the highly anticipated ECB minutes were released, noting that “concerns were expressed about the […]

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Virginia Governor Changes Stance: Confederate Monuments “A Barrier To Progress”

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) has added his name to a growing list of public officials in state governments encouraging the removal of Confederate statues and memorials throughout the South. Late in the day on Wednesday McAuliffe released an official statement saying monuments of Confederate leaders have now become “flashpoints for hatred, division and violence” […]

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Trump Refuses To Let Go, Slams Graham’s “DIsgusting Lie” About Charlottesville Comments

Following yesterday’s advisory councils debacle, Trump woke up on Thursday and seemingly unable to “let it go”, immediately went after South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham over his latest criticism of Trump’s response to the violence in Charlottesville. In a burst of tweets, confirming yet again that Gen Kelly remains powerless to contain Trump’s tweeting habit, […]

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Americans Are Rapidly Descending Into Madness

Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, I don’t live in an echo chamber, partly because there aren’t enough people out there who think like me, but also because I constantly and intentionally attempt to challenge my worldview by reading stuff from all over the political map. I ingest as much as I can […]

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House To Hold Hearing On White Supremacist Threat Amid Financial, Social Media Crackdown

Now that Trump’s “Russian collusion” ties, and various assorted Congressional hearings on the topic have quietly moved away from the front pages, there is a new hot topic in the Hill, and as Reuters reports, the Homeland Security Committee of the House of Representatives will hold a hearing next month “about threats from extremist groups, […]

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Why Elites Are Winning The War On Cash

Authored by James Rickards via The Daily Reckoning, Visa recently unveiled its own offensive in the war on cash. Visa is offering certain merchants a $10,000 reward if they refuse to accept cash in the future. Not surprisingly, Visa’s competitor is also part of the war on cash. Mastercard is increasing its efforts to encourage […]

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Frontrunning: August 16

White House braces for fallout from Trump remarks (Reuters) Trump Drags GOP Onto Dangerous Ground, This Time Over Race (BBG) Trump Gives White Supremacists an Unequivocal Boost (NYT) Trump orders faster permitting on infrastructure projects (Reuters) Trump’s U.S. Senate Pick Advances in Alabama Republican Race (BBG) Uber Shareholders Fight for Control as Leadership Vacuum Weighs […]

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