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Heads Will Roll: Jason Chaffetz Requests Official DOJ Investigation Into Illegal Leaks Of Flynn-Russia Calls To The Press

Heads are about to roll, can you feel it? House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Jason Chaffetz along with Bob Goodlatte (R-VA)  have submitted a letter to the Justice Department’s inspector general, Michael Horowitz, requesting a formal investigation into both the surveillance and subsequent leaks of classified communications “of or regarding” former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn […]

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JK Rowling – “Serial Loser” Who’s Gone Into Hiding Since Cernovich, Watson, And Piers Morgan Put Her On Blast

Children’s author, Billionaire, and internet tough girl J.K. Rowling is in over her head. After a fierce twitter spat with Piers Morgan – started after Aussie comedian Jim Jeffries told Morgan to F**k Off on Bill Maher’s show over Trump’s Executive Order on immigration, Rowling has been taken to task by political commentators Mike Cernovich and Paul Joseph Watson over her virtue signaling bullshit – after Cernovich’s […]

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Trump Bypasses MSM At Trudeau Press Conference, “Failing” NYT Journalist Has Hissy Fit

The Chief White House Correspondent for the NY Times, Peter Baker, appears to be having a Twitter meltdown after being passed over for a question during a press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – taking a backseat to lesser known ABC affiliate WJLA and the Daily Caller. Baker is pissed that the MSM didn’t get a […]

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One Week After Hyper-Feminist Swedish Deputy PM Mocks Trump, Her Boss Visits Anti-Feminist Iran To Cut Deals

Sweden has recently become known for hypocrisy, meatballs, and rape – in stark contrast to cars and whatnot not too long ago. Last week, right after President Trump signed an Executive Order reinstating the controversial “Mexico Policy,” prohibiting non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which receive US taxpayer funds from providing or advocating for abortions, the Deputy Prime Minister of […]

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The Unpoisoning: Two Proposals To Rescue The US Educational System And Federal Workforce From Liberal Indoctrination

If ever one needed better evidence of failed liberal ideology, look no further than the complete mental breakdown and kneejerk arrogance programmed into a nation of tantruming pseudo-intellectual children of all ages. I’ve never seen so many overly-dramatic sore losers who can’t manage to look inward and move on with their lives. In light of the fact that so […]

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Berkeley Antifa Attacker Unmasked As UC Employee? CNN and Young Turks Lookin’ So Dumb

Today, propagandists on the left attempted to change the narrative over the violent “Antifa” riots, suggesting that Trump supporters were secretly behind the group’s spate of violent terrorist acts since the election: [embedded content] Of course, the ultra-liberal, Armenian Holocaust denying, TalcumX hiring, “better than you” elitists – also known as “The Young Turks,” started furiously parroting these Alisnsky tactics […]

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VIDEO: Rabid NYU Professor Melts Down, Orders Cops To Assault Conservative “Vice” Co-Founder Gavin McInnes

11 people were arrested at NYU Thursday night when Anti-fascist fascists tried to organize a second night of protests riots to shut down the free speech of yet another conservative thinker on campus – this time being writer, actor, comedian and (no longer affiliated) Vice Co-founder Gavin McInnes. The NYPD wasn’t taking any chances after what happened at UC Berkeley Wednesday night, and showed up in force […]

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Nancy Pelosi Caught Coaching Congressman On Hot Mic: “Tell ‘Em You’re A Muslim”

When Nancy Pelosi isn’t making millions in exchange for ambassadorships or trying to dismantle the 2nd amendment from the safety of her ivory tower, the Congresswoman from California enjoys parading minorities around to shill for various causes. In response to President Trump’s Executive Order on immigration, Pelosi trotskied out Indiana Congressman Andre Carson to give an impassioned speech about […]

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Starbucks Takes Venti Deuce On Unemployed Citizens, Pledges To Hire 10,000 Refugees Worldwide – Boycott Ensues

In protest of President Trump’s Executive Order on immigration, Starbucks – the employee abusing, non-organic Milk using, GMO Peddling, TPP Table Sitting, Ethiopian farmer screwing coffee company has decided to try it’s hand at “Conscious Capitalism” by announcing a plan to hire 10,000 refugees worldwide over the next 5 years – depriving jobs to 10,000 citizens across the globe. This isn’t the first […]

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Oops! CNN Accidentally Airs Press Conference With Detained Iraqi Traveler Who Likes Trump – ABC News Edits Out

Scores of irate liberals organized in part by CAIR (considered a terrorist organization in the UAE), descended upon airports around the country on Saturday to protest Donald Trump’s 120 day ban on refugees from 6 “nations of concern” and a permanent ban on Syrians until further notice. Of note, the countries on the list were originally identified under Obama by the Department […]

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