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Bill Maher Shuts Down Conspiracy Theorist Louise Mensch And MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Over Islam – Twice!

Friday’s episode of Bill Maher featured a panel including batshit crazy Russophobic Conspiracy Theorist Louise Mensch, Hillary Clinton shill Chris Hayes, “tyranny expert” Timothy Snyder, and American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp. In two particularly heated moments, one during the main show and one during the online Overtime segment, Maher shut down Mensch and Hayes on the topic of Islam. During the main panel discussion, […]

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BUSTED! Twitter Caught Manipulating Tweets Of Former BlackRock Fund Manager Critical Of CIA and NSA

The war over the free flow of information has escalated… Ed Dowd (@DowdEdward), former manager of BlackRock’s $15 billion Capital Appreciation Fund has a relatively small but influential Twitter following, ranging from Financial industry all-stars to prominent media personalities. Since leaving BlackRock, Dowd has shifted gears – moving to Hawaii to launch his own equity fund from the luxury of his volcano-adjacent […]

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MUZZLED: Breitbart WH Correspondent Ordered Not To Ask Televised Question Discrediting DNC Russian Hacking Story

On Monday, Breitbart investigative reporter and White House correspondent Lee Stranahan published a huge story on, the facts of which should unravel the entire foundation for the Russian election hacking narrative. Stranahan based his report on increasingly discredited evidence, as well as a tweet made by President Trump on March 5th regarding the hacked DNC server: What about all of […]

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Mass Effect: Andromeda – Sucky Animations, Bigoted Designer And Fugly Females Result In Canceled Pre-Orders

On Tuesday, the latest installment of the once awesome “Mass Effect” intergalactic action-role playing franchise will be released. Developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts ($EA),  Mass Effect: Andromeda is already drawing massive ire from fans over horrendous graphics, ugly female characters, and one majorly bigoted designer who hates white people. STRIKE 1: Emotionless Facial Expressions And Horrendous Animations: Nothing takes […]

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Hannity Nukes Maddow And NBC After Trump Tax Flop – Calls Them “Deep State Obama Propaganda” On A “Corporate Jihad”

Rachel Maddow and NBC just gave an incredibly generous gift to Donald Trump; revealing Hillary Clinton and other democrats to have been grasping at straws in their repeated assertions that he pays no taxes, when in fact he paid $38 Million on $150 million of income in 2005 – a 25% tax rate (compared to Bernie Sanders’ 13.5% on over $200k of […]

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Last Night On Tucker: House Intel Committee Member Jim Himes (D-CN) Justifies Spying On Trump Campaign

Last night, Tucker Carlson debated a rapidly blinking Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) – a member of the House Intelligence Committee, on claims that former President Obama ordered a wiretap of Donald Trump’s administration during the election. Tucker went into the interview giving Himes the respect of an unfurrowed brow, which did not last long. While the entire […]

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Tolerant Left: Berkeley Antifa Cowards Pepper Spray Elderly Trump Supporter And Egg Homeless Advocate

Angry unemployed children, AKA Antifa, held another Trump protest today in Berkeley, CA. It’s Trump’s fault of course that they took out 6 figure student loans and haven’t been approached by numerous employers to put those English majors to work. Unlike the UC Berkeley riots which shut down a Milo Yiannopoulos speech, several Trump supporters showed up today to counter-protest the […]

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DNC Death Throes: Caustic Vitriol, Tantrums, And Calling Navy Seal’s Grieving Widow An Idiot Doesn’t Seem To Be Working

The DNC is dead. Muerte. Fin. Let’s take an inventory of how the elitist left has become a party of kneecapped shills; Out of touch: Skeletor’s mother, aka Crypt Keeper’s next ex wife, aka nutsack ear – Nancy Pelosi, led a parade of miserable shrews to Trump’s speech last night, donning KKK-esque cult outfits. After the speech, they jumped up […]

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Despite Arrest Of Top Advisor And Bodyguard, New Poll Shows Le Pen Is Mightier Than Les Globalists

French authorities have made yet another monumental error in judgment after arresting Marine Le Pen’s chief of staff and bodyguard for questioning over alleged misuse of public funds to pay parliamentary assistants – the equivalent of a jaywalking ticket in terms of public opinion. By making le mountain out of le molehill, this latest debacle by French […]

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