Blockchain Fix For Voter ID: New at Reason

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Securely and conveniently identifiying registered voters has long vexed election officials, but there may be a solution, Michael Scott writes.

Amid the rancor surrounding voter IDs, there has been a growing interest interest in a blockchain-based concept known as “self-sovereign ID.” Voters could store their identity data on their devices, easily providing identity information to those who need to validate it without relying on the government or any other third-party intermediary.

Armin Ebrahimi, CEO of ShoCard, a blockchain-based data and facial recognition firm, says: “When an individual safely creates a self-certification record on the blockchain and digitally signs that record with a private key that belongs only to them, they can establish ownership of that record. An authoritative certifier can then verify that the individual’s record before confirming it on the blockchain.”

Ebrahimi goes on to note that in addition to a person’s record containing government ID and

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