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2017.09.18 - Chapter 22_0-0bf79f46cc03fbfa7507ffcaa86015eca067399b

‘Chapter 22’ Bankruptcy Filings Increasingly ‘En Vogue’ For Struggling Retail Sector

In 2009, U.S. Shipping Partners LP accomplished what we believe was a completely unprecedented feat when they managed to confirm a bankruptcy plan of reorganization in the Southern District of New York that encumbered the new company with more debt than their investment bankers said the company was even worth. Unfortunately, such illogical pro forma […]

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What Jamie Dimon Got Wrong About Bitcoin & Tulips

Authored by Aaron Brown via, The problems cryptocurrencies help solve will not disappear if their prices collapse the way tulip futures did in the 17th century. JPMorgan Chase & Co. Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon made news last week by criticizing bitcoin. Asking a bank CEO what he thinks of bitcoin is like asking […]

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“Starts With A Whimper, Ends With A Bang”: Trader Previews Fed’s Balance Sheet Reduction

Ahead of this week’s main central bank event, in which Wall Street consensus broadly expects the Fed to officially announce balance sheet shrinkage in this week’s FOMC meeting, with the actual process set to begin in October, here is a less than bullish preview of what may happen from Bloomberg commentator Garfield Reynolds, who covers […]

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