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DEVELOPING: 2 Powerful Hurricanes Churning Toward U.S. East Coast and Puerto Rico

More hurricanes are churning through the Atlantic Ocean on a possible collision course with U.S. territory. Hurricane Maria is bearing down on the Caribbean. It’s on course to pass close to several islands that were devastated by Hurricane Irma, including Barbuda and St. Martin’s. Then it’s expected to target Puerto Rico with a devastating direct […]

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Middlebury College Will Cancel Speakers If Students Make ‘Imminent, Credible Threats’

Middlebury College—ground zero for one of the most sordid censorship episodes of last year, the physical attack on Charles Murray and Alison Stanger—has announced a new policy regarding guest speakers. Proposed events will be evaluated by a Threat Assessment and Management Team; if the team feels that an event attracts an “imminent and credible threat […]

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Feud With Amber Tamblyn Shows James Woods’ Confusion About Age-of-Consent Laws

Last week’s Twitter feud between actors James Woods and Amber Tamblyn, which gave birth to an op-ed piece by Tamblyn in yesterday’s New York Times, revealed some telling misconceptions about age-of-consent laws. Woods, despite his history of dating very young women, does not seem to understand that such laws vary from one jurisdiction to another. […]

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