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Hindu Nationalists Attack Christians and Burn Bibles

Videos have emerged of Hindu extremists abusing Christians carrying religious literature. In one of the videos, the extremists are seen setting a pair of Bibles alight. The two incidents, which were verified by Christians in the area, were filmed in southern India. They both show a mob of Hindu extremists abusing Christians who were transporting […]

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Brickbat: Quick on the Trigger

When an armed man entered the Faith City Mission in Amarillo, Texas, security guards took the man down and a student wrestled his gun away from him. Then police officers responding to a call of a hostage-taking entered the mission. At least one of them shot and wounded the student who’d taken the gun from […]

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Armed School Resource Officer Stayed Safely Outside School While Mass Killing Was Underway

A school resource officer who worked at Marjory Stoneman Douglas was on campus at the time of the mass shooting, but did not enter the building to engage the killer—even though the SRO was armed. Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel suspended the SRO, 54-year-old Scot Peterson, after watching video footage of Peterson declining to enter […]

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New Federal Charges Filed Against Manafort, Gates

Paul Manafort, former campaign leader for Donald Trump, and business partner Rick Gates face a new raft of federal charges in Special Counsel Robert Muller’s Russia-related probe for the Department of Justice. A grand jury indictment filed this afternoon accuses the two men of hiding millions of dollars in income from Manafort’s lobbying on behalf […]

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Trump Blames Movies and Video Games, More Warnings About Florida Shooter, ICE Could Be Yanked from California: P.M. Links

President Donald Trump complained that violent movies and video games instigate real life violence, a claim not supported by scientific evidence. He also takes a dim view of having active shooter training simulations in schools and called on Twitter for enhanced background checks and raising the age to buy some guns to 21. Palm Beach […]

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Trump Recycles False Claim that Video Gaming Causes School Shootings

A day after the post-Parkland listening session at the White House, President Donald Trump trotted out the inaccurate and simplistic suggestion that playing violent video games contributes to school shootings. The president expressed his concern about the effects of what kids are seeing on the internet and then observed, “And also video games. I’m hearing […]

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