Christian Charity Takes Out Bible References From Nativity Story

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A Christian charity in the U.K. has responded to media reports that it decided to remove Bible references in its latest version of the Nativity story in order to present a more accessible story for a largely unchurched population of youths.  “Whilst we’re grateful that our plans to share the real Christmas story with thousands of children have pricked the interest of many, it’s a shame that some of the information about our new book, The First Christmas, has been misunderstood,” Scripture Union of England and Wales wrote on Sunday in a Facebook post.

Jennifer Babb, church and community fundraising manager at Scripture Union, said the decision to remove explicit Scripture references was aimed at taking “that barrier away — it makes it more of a simple story,” according to The Telegraph.  “When we realized that children don’t even know the basics of what they are celebrating, then the

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