Fox News Officially Drops “Fair and Balanced” Slogan

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Tea Party Tribune

Two months after shedding its most recognizable personality, Fox News is dropping the most recognizable catch phrase in cable television.

In a move that will likely infuriate Fox News viewers who’ve grown loyal to the sole news outlet that gave conservatives a voice in mainstream media, the network plans to lose the “fair and balanced” tagline that has become a part of American culture, New York magazine reported Friday.

The famous three words helped Fox establish its own identity in the vast wasteland of network news in the United States – and served as an implicit criticism of the liberal bias among the three major networks when Fox News was born in the 1996.

“He would call a group of senior producers and make you watch the channel and he’d point out stuff, like a banner that’s slightly liberal,” one senior producer told New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman.

“He would

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