Gaddafi’s Son Freed

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Saif al-Islam Gaddafi was part of his father’s inner circle – serving in a diplomatic and public relations capacity.

He held no official government position. Mentioned as a possible successor to his father, he rejected the notion.

US-led NATO raped and destroyed Libya, transforming Africa’s most developed nation into a lawless cauldron of endless violence, deprivation and despair.

Muammar Gaddafi was sodomized to death. Saif was illegally arrested, detained, tortured, tried, imprisoned and sentenced to death.

His lawyer John Jones said judicial proceedings against him amounted to “a trial by militia,” lasting two days, conducted by an illegitimate regime.

“Lawyers were intimidated,” Jones explained. “The judges were intimated. Lawyers had to leave the case.”

Controlled proceedings excluded the right to a proper defense. Only two intimidated witnesses for Saif were allowed. No evidence against him was presented.

Prosecutors relied solely on torture-extracted information – what no legitimate tribunal permits.

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