Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Get Married If You Earn About as Much as Your Partner!

Ingram Publishing/NewscomIn honor of the one day every year when even the most wonkish tax policy nerds can set aside the calculators and spreadsheets for a bottle of wine and some red roses, here’s some cold, hard, unemotional data about the financial consequences of government-recognized matrimony.

The upshot: If you earn about the same income as your would-be spouse, your bank account will be better off if you don’t get married.

According to a new analysis from the Tax Foundation, couples who earn roughly the same amount of money are most likely to face a tax penalty for getting hitched, and couples at both ends of the income spectrum are more likely to be penalized for tying the knot than middle-income earners.

For example, two people who each earn $15,000 and are jointly raising one child would end up paying more than $600 in extra federal taxes if they get

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