How Pet Dander Impacts Lung And Sinus Health

While it’s safe to say we love our pets, we might not feel the same way about their dander. An allergy to dander (the dead skin pets shed) is common, yet understanding and finding relief from pet allergies is a little more complicated. Reactions to dander are more than nasal irritation, they really start in our immune system. [1] A healthy immune system seeks out foreign bodies and works to get rid of them. When you have pet allergies, you have a hypersensitive immune system.

The Basics of Pet Allergies

Allergies, while cumbersome, are merely a mistake your body makes when it perceives everyday environmental compounds as a threat. Symptoms such as red and watery eyes, a runny nose, and sneezing are all common. Research has shown that the mind has a lot to do with the allergic response. People allergic to pollen, for example, can start displaying allergic

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