Is The TSA More Chill About Weed Than San Francisco?

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Is the Transportation Security Administration more chill about weed than San Francisco?

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) this week voted to ban marijuana ads from its Muni buses, bouncing 130 current ads when the current contract expires.

“Prohibiting cannabis advertising on public transit is the right policy to protect our future generations and communities of color the same way we have done with alcohol and tobacco ads,” said San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, who appoints the SFMTA board and who initially requested the ban.

The multiple buyers of those ads might want to consider migrating their public awareness campaigns to a novel and much less regulated advertising medium: TSA screening bins.

Ads reading “CANNABIS IS LEGAL” began appearing in October on those grey screening bins you put your valuables in before being groped by TSA agents at the Ontario International Airport in Southern California. Organa Brands, a

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