Jennifer Lawrence, Libertarian Feminist?

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Actress Jennifer Lawrence is in the news this week for a number of reasons, including her impromptu performance at a Vienna strip club and her stepping out in a $700 Dior T-shirt that proclaims “We Should All Be Feminists.” The Daily Mail even devoted a whole article to the shirt, noting that “the 26-year-old actress beamed as she left the set of her film Red Sparrow with her dog—and a balloon—in tow.” But the Mail fails to note the other thing that J-Law was spotted carrying: a book with famed Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises on the back cover.

The Facebook group Being Classically Liberal first noted Lawrence’s reading material yesterday, suggesting that perhaps she had picked up the von Mises book Socialism thinking it took a positive view of the subject. Lawrence—star of a slew of recent hit movies, including Joy, The Hunger Games, and American Hustle—has been

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