Media Is Outraged That Trump Criticized CNN. They Must Have Forgotten When Obama

The media was furious after Donald Trump refused to take a question from a CNN reporter at his first press conference as president-elect Wednesday.

He blasted the network as “fake news” after it reported on an unsubstantiated 35-page document that claims Trump is being blackmailed by the Russian government.

“Don’t be rude,” Trump told Jim Acosta when he tried to ask a question. “No, I’m not going to give you a question. You are fake news.”

WATCH: CNN correspondent demands to question Pres.-elect Trump after Trump criticizes CNN; Trump refuses.

— NBC Nightly News (@NBCNightlyNews) January 11, 2017

The press was incensed, but why did Barack Obama not generate the same outrage when he repeatedly criticized Fox News and questioned its legitimacy over the last eight years?

In 2010, he said the network promoted a “destructive viewpoint.”

“I think Fox is part of that tradition — it is part

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