Serbia Suing NATO for 1999 High Crimes

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on The Sleuth Journal

Lawyers representing the Serbian Royal Academy of Scientists and Artists are preparing to sue each of the then-20 NATO member countries – not through the International Court of Justice (ICJ), in national courts of each offending country.

Serbian lawyer Srdjan Aleksic explained, saying “(w)e believe that this is within the competence of national courts. These states violated the principles set forth in the seventh chapter of the UN Charter, which prohibits aggression against any state.”

“In addition, NATO has violated chapters 5 and 6 of its own charter, since NATO is a defensive alliance, and not an offensive one.”

“This is about a violation of international law, in particular conventions, which prohibit aggression and the use of force against sovereign states,” adding:

US-led NATO warplanes “dropped from 10 to 15 tons of depleted uranium on the territory of the former Yugoslavia.”

“The increase in the number of cancer

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