The Essential Guide to Preparing for a Hurricane

When a disaster draws near, suddenly, preppers don’t seem quite so crazy anymore.

UPDATE: Here’s a list of cities and counties that are under evacuation orders. However, many places are completely out of fuel and stores are out of drinking water. If you are stuck there and can’t purchase water, begin filling ALL of your containers with tap water. You may still be able to purchase containers for water, like mason jars, canisters, and pitchers with lids. When the storm is about to hit, fill your sinks and bathtubs.

During times like this, it becomes mainstream to engage in a flurry of activity that looks like an episode of Doomsday Preppers being fast-forwarded across the screen. People rush to the stories in a frenzy, and often get all the wrong things. Most of these folks aren’t preppers in the traditional sense – they’re just hurrying to get ready because they

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