The Last Financial Deadline Before The Election Is In 11 Days And We Need Your Help

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With just 56 days to go until election day, this race for Congress is still incredibly close right now.  Our numbers have been surging, but there are four candidates very closely grouped together, and the truth is that any of the four of us could potentially win this thing on May 15th.  We are incredibly excited about the fact that our campaign is the only one that seems to be gaining more traction, but a couple of the other campaigns do have a bit more money then us.  We need to close that gap, and the last FEC financial deadline of the campaign is coming up in just 11 days.  If you feel led to help us, the following are three ways that you can give a gift to the campaign…

Donate By Credit Card Online:

Donate By Paypal:

Donate By Check: Make your check out to “Michael

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