‘The New Center’ Is Full of the Same Old Worship of a Powerful Federal Government

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Bill Kristol of the conservative Weekly Standard and William Galston of the more liberal Brookings Institution have teamed up to explore what “the center” of politics looks like in an era of President Donald Trump. They’ve just released the results in a report called “Ideas to Re-Center America.”

The concept should be familiar by now—some guys on both sides think that what will fix our polarized America is a path right down the “middle” of American politics. Kristol told The Washington Post that the process of writing the report made him discover “there was more being missed by Republican politicians and think tanks than [he] realized.”

So what does this new middle look like? Well, apparently Joe Average is really, really angry about Chinese theft of intellectual property.

Wait, what?

“The New Center” cares so much about intellectual property theft and patent reform that it’s one of the seven

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