“This Is Not A Drill”: False Emergency Alert Warning Of Ballistic Missile Threat To Hawaii Terrorizes Citizens Across The State

In a scenario that has caused widespread outrage, citizens across Hawaii received a startling message on their phones from the Emergency Alert System (EAS) that told them that a ballistic missile was incoming and to seek immediate shelter.

That’s right, all across Hawaii residents believed that they were under attack, presumably from North Korea, with the apparent false alarm not being fixed for upwards of 37 minutes for any resident who wasn’t spending the morning on Twitter.

“The emergency alert claiming a ballistic missile attack was inbound was sent at 8:08AM. It took until 8:45AM to state it was a false alarm. 37 minutes where anyone in Hawaii who doesn’t sit on Twitter dot com all day thought their island might be incinerated. Fire people. Fix it,” noted Twitter user Jerry Dunleavy.

Report: 35 minutes between missile alert and false alarm notification. #Hawaii pic.twitter.com/nf4XD1sed4

— Fox News (@FoxNews)

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