Trump Releases Order for Health Insurance Reforms, U.S. Out of UNESCO, Yellowstone May Destroy Us All: P.M. Links

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Ingram Publishing/NewscomPresident Donald Trump’s executive order today is intended open up the possibility of less expensive, less comprehensive health insurance than the Affordable Care Act demands and could potentially make it easier for small businesses to band together to buy insurance. Peter Suderman analyzes the order here and the reflexive tendency by some to describe the order as “undermining” Obamacare. The Trump administration announced today the United States would withdraw from UNESCO, the United Nations’ cultural agency, due to alleged anti-Israel bias. It had stopped contributing dues to UNESCO years ago after it admitted Palestinians. The expensive soda tax for Cook County, Illinois, has officially been repealed, despite a big ad blitz by wealthy nanny Michael Bloomberg trying to save it. Northern California wildfires continue to spread, resisting firefighters’ best efforts. The latest tally has 23 dead, but there are hundreds of residents unaccounted for. Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants

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