Venezuelan Parliament Approves Removal of Maduro from Presidency

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Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro (image: © Miraflores Palace / Reuter)

(The Real Agenda News) The Venezuelan National Assembly declared Monday the “abandonment of office” by the Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, despite the order against such a vote by the Supreme Court.

The parliamentary House demanded an electoral exit to the crisis so that “the people express their will through the vote”.

“The only way to solve the serious problems that afflict the country is to return power to the people of Venezuela and, therefore, to call for the holding of free and plural elections,” said the agreement approved with the vote of 106 parliamentarians, all of which belong to opposition political parties.

The majority of the Chamber considers Maduro’s management to be outside his constitutional functions and blame him for the “serious rupture of the constitutional order”, violation of human rights and “the devastation of the economic and social pillars” of

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