Capturing CO2 Useless in Solving “Climate Change”

(The Real Agenda News) The capture of CO2 has very limited utility, say European experts who warn against the temptation of depending on carbon capture as the main measure to affect climate change.

Falling into this climate temptation is quite easy. “Thinking that the technology will come to the rescue if we can not reduce greenhouse gases enough can be an attractive vision,” admits Thierry Courvoisier, president of the Scientific Academic Advisory Committee of the European Academies.

But creating “unrealistic expectations” about these technologies could have irreversible consequences “for future generations,” writes the Swiss astrophysicist in an Easac report.

Courvoisier refers to the fight against “climate change” and, in particular, the so-called negative emission technologies – basically, capture greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and store them to control global warming.

The Paris Agreement, the international pact that guides the fight against climate change, was set as the goal that the average

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