“China Has Made A Huge Mistake” – The Next Oil Boom Is About To Happen Here

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It’s one of the most unbelievable energy stories of the year.

A Chinese oil company was sitting on what might be a major oil discovery – a 182-million-barrel probable reserve, with great potential to grow.

They spent hundreds of millions of dollars and sunk 13 wells, shot or acquired 6,700 km of 2D seismic, and shot over 1,000 km of 3D seismic. Then – thanks to a weird quirk of Sudanese geology – they gave away the entire African mother lode for free.

They literally abandoned their whole investment in the Al-Rawat Basin.

Now, a tiny Canadian explorer – Stamper Oil & Gas (TSX.V: STMP; OTC: STMGF) – stands to reap a petroleum opportunity unlike anything we’ve seen in years.

And, they’re doing it with an energy industry legend – the one man with a nearly perfect 40-year record of striking oil

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