Chomsky equals Trump to Hitler and Mussolini

[image: FILM COLLECTIVE](The Real Agenda) Liberals cannot stand Trump because he took away their dream to continue governing the United States for another 8 years with the same insanity shown by Barack Obama. The only difference between the two Liberal options was that under Hillary the US would have certainly gone to war with Russia, while with Sanders the country would become, although for a very short period of time, a socialist utopia.

Swimming in the ocean of mindless criticism of Trump, there are a few politicians and intellectuals who, due to their academic accomplishment, are heard with more attention than the average insane Liberal. However, no academic degree can take away lunacy, can it?

That is the case of Noam Chomsky. He is a very well known American “intellectual” who has written numerous books on the abuses of the State. He wrote insightful manuals on how the media is

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