Cops Brag That They Bullied a Woman Out of Town After a Neighbor Said She Sells Sex

Larksville Police Department/FacebookWhy should cops bother with investigations and due process when they can rely on anonymous tips and social shaming? That seems to be the attitude in Larksville, Pennsylvania, where police are bragging to local news that they bullied a woman out of town after a neighbor suggested she might be a sex worker.

“People living on Vine Street in Larksville say they knew something was going on at a home in their neighborhood and that is probably wasn’t anything good,” reports local news outfit WBRE. There were too many cars pulling up to a local apartment building and too many men getting out of them—at least according to one nosy neighbor, who reported this activity to the Larksville police and then spoke to WBRE on condition of anonymity.

Traditionally, police receiving such a tip might wait to see if any other neighbors complain, conduct some surveillance of their

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