Date Setter Claims North Korea Will ‘Start WW3 Triggering Rapture in April’

ATTENTION: The following report does not reflect the views or beliefs of ETH. 

Here we go again, Yet another date setting prediction that will be another flop! North Korea will start World War 3 and trigger the Rapture in April “beyond any shadow of a doubt” in April, it has been claimed. David Meade, a self-style Christian Bible code decipherer, has said we are in the “midnight of the end of days”. Fundamentalist Christians believe there will be a Rapture and seven years of Tribulation with apocalyptical conditions on Earth when the Antichrist rises before the Second Coming of Christ and true believers are saved by God. Mr Meade is among them and has spent 20 years

trying to unlock hidden messages about our future in verses from the Bible. He claims the “unfolding” chain of events began with a sign in the heavens during the August 21 total solar eclipse.

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