Digital Papers Please: New Reports of TSA Searching Computers and Cellphones for DOMESTIC Flights

By Nicholas West

Despite being roundly hated by the traveling public, the TSA continues to trample upon anyone unfortunate enough to cross their path. Whether it is the physical searches that are sometimes tantamount to sex crimes, or forcing foreign travelers to take books, magazines and food out of their bags for inspection, there seems to be no end in sight for how far they are willing step.

Naturally, tyrants don’t know the definition of limits, so we are seeing the TSA embark on a new level of their invasion. Sadly, a portion of the American public still believes that being an American citizen will protect them from having to encounter the security measures that are “necessary” to protect their freedom from the never-ending threat of an imminent terror attack by “the others.” Unfortunately, history shows that when mistreatment is permitted for those others, it will inevitably show up

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