Economic Collapse Is Confirmed! QE/Repo Is Killing The Dollar & Will Devastate The Entire Planet!

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Today, almost half of all Americans are concerned about an economic collapse striking in the next year, while 38 percent of fund managers forecast a slowdown in the coming year.

The public is becoming increasingly conscious of the threat, as the liquidity crisis forming in overnight loans and the accelerating “repo panic” are flashing signs that dollar crash conditions are about to hit soon. During market turmoil, liquidity takes flight. Banks always fail us when we need them the most, and that is a big part of why liquidity is generally the first shoe to drop in a financial crisis. A considerable part of the problem is entrenched in the economic tool known as leverage. The same massive gains leverage brings, also showers us with huge losses that rapidly paralyze both individuals and financial institutions.

We are certainly moving towards an economic collapse that will shake the world to its core. The numbers simply don’t work. Call it a “re-alignment” if you wish, but in reality, it is the recognition that our path is and was an unsustainable illusion. The inflation rate of the Dollar has been 561.3% since 1970 when Nixon formally took the Dollar off the gold standard and did away with Bretton Woods. Our Dollar has lost 84.9% of its value since 1970.
The Dollar is steadily losing value against gold. Gold is what most central banks have been hoarding since they can’t depend on the Dollar. Still today, a lot of people mistake the “US Dollar Index” with “the Dollar” itself. Including Trump himself, who claimed that we had the most robust Dollar in the history of our country.

Throughout the last 50 years, the Dollar has lost 90% plus of its purchasing power. Now, if the idiots in Washington could manage the Dollar’s future decline at the same rate, they could probably continue to get away with it. But our current levels of debt and spending lead me to believe the next 90% fall in value will happen virtually overnight instead of 50 years. The Dollar didn’t tank in 2008 because of the lending crisis. It tanked because of the infusion of liquidity in order to keep the global banking markets solvent. Then came QE1 to QE3, which further saturated the banking system with dollar-denominated liquidity. Remember, the rates were much higher then. There’s no safety net and no amount of printing that will fix the dollar collapse this time!

This time, entire nations are going to fail, not just the banks. There will be no warning from the banks, so don’t be left in the cold. You better get ready to save your wealth from the coming economic collapse. The casino is imploding along with the phony Fiat dollars. Good riddance. Go gold, into the stratosphere! This system is broken in so many ways. It is crumbling under its own weight, and it will implode like a massive star. Nature’s laws rule this earth, and only human’s stupidity thinks we can defy gravity. Historical lessons will be learned the hard way again and again and again. Greed has always been the Achilles heel for humans.

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