Elizabeth Warren Can’t Stop LYING, Once Again Falsely Claims She Has Native American Ancestry

While many on the right have long claimed that liberalism is a mental disorder, it has, at the very least, been confirmed that at least one prominent Democrat is indeed crazy.

In a literal WTF moment, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has once again directly lied about her supposed Native American ancestry, this time in a speech in Washington, D.C. where she decided to repeat a lie that even President Trump has exposed.

“My mother’s family was part Native American,” Warren falsely claimed in a speech Wednesday to the National Congress of American Indians Tribal Nations Policy Summit in Washington, D.C.

Not content to simply lie to a group of actual Native Americans, Warren went on the laughably lecture them about the “real” Pocahontas, a reference to the nickname given to her by President Trump after it was initially revealed that she had totally made up her claims of Native American ancestry.

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