From Wasteland to Wondaland: Socialisms and Black Economic Futures

The Black American economy is recovering – I hope – from what Princeton University professor Eddie Glaude calls the Great Black Depression. Black unemployment, as of December 2015, was 8.3%. One-quarter of black households has less than $5 – the price of a fast-food combo order – to use in moments of sickness, lay-offs, or other financial emergencies. The political economy is even worse. In Flint, MI, as is well-known, black folk ain’t well. We can’t even count on government officials, elected or administrative, to guarantee the quality of a basic public good – drinkable, bath-ready water.

While it contains progressive individuals like Reps. Keith Ellison and Donna Edwards, the Democratic Party, writ large, has ceded rhetorical, philosophical, religious, basically, any ground worth fighting for to a Ronald Reagan policy frame-Richard Nixon “black capitalism”-Lee Atwater “Southern Strategy” political economy of dog-whistle racial coding, austerity for everyone boulevard except…

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