Housing Crash! The Next Financial Crisis May Hit Canadians Harder: Canada Housing Market Crash 2019

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The next financial crisis & housing market crash may hit Canadians harder than Americans.

However, Canadians are seriously at risk in the event of a global recession.

In 2017, Canada’s finance minister exclaimed that the Canadian economy was “firing on all cylinders.” The IMF forecast Canada would lead all other G-7 nations in economic growth. Things certainly seemed rosy.

Now years have passed, and the data is proving that Canada’s economy is not as robust as expected. In fact, it’s in a very dangerous position.

They’re in a situation where they’re not able to ride out the financial storm.

A downturn in the economy could have a significant bearing on the government’s fiscal plans.

Even if you don’t pay close attention to the stock market, last news may have caught your attention.

The main stock indexes in Canada and the U.S. both plummeted in their worst day of the year, and economic analysts are worried that a global recession could be around the corner.

There isn’t just one reason to worry. Several financial indicators from around the world have been linked to the international drop and the possibility of an extended financial crisis.

China is prosecuting the conflict by punishing Canada as a US surrogate, while the US is punishing both Huawei and its customer Iran.

There are three main takeaways for Canada in this: the world is truly shifting, their current foreign policy is inadequate, and they’re going to have to get serious about defending their interests.

Economics has released data suggesting that the Canada housing bubble will eventually pop, leading to a big drop in home prices.

Now rates are rising, and many heavily indebted households are feeling crunched. In 2018, the Bank of Canada increased its benchmark rate three times to 1.75 per cent.

Another two or three hikes are expected in 2019. For the first time in a quarter century, households are having to renew their mortgages at rates that are higher than when they first signed.

Canadians are finally getting a taste of what a world with rising interest rates will look like, and one thing is painfully clear: we’re not ready for what happens next

How to Protect Yourself From the Next Financial Crisis?
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Financial Report Date: August 2019
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