If You See This Run And Call For Help!

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These are the most dangerous animals on the planet! From the depths of the ocean, to animals that’re more venomous than you can imagine! If you ever see one of these, run away and call for help immediately!

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Whether they look innocent or hide ominously in the sand, these spectacular sea creatures are just as dangerous as they are intriguing. From a sea urchin covered in venomous flower-like buds to a tiny blue octopus with venom 1,000 times more powerful than cyanide and strong enough to take down 26 fully-grown humans, these sea-terrors could cost you your life– or at least tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills. If being bitten by a sea snake can be fatal or cost you $3,000 for one vial of antivenom, wouldn’t you rather just stay out of the water?

Whether it’s the Portugese Man O’ War with its 100 foot long tentacles or the box jellyfish that can send you into cardiac arrest, these stingers-of-the-deep have a massive amount of venom in their arsenal to keep other sea creatures– and curious humans– from getting too close. The brightly-colored nudibranch even steals venom from other sea creatures to try and protect itself, so you never really know what kind of venom it’s injecting into your body! Symptoms of being attacked by these dangerous sea-dwellers range from severe bleeding when stung by a stingray to paralysis when you accidentally step on a stonefish. Plus, barbs from the crown of thorns starfish or spines from a weever fish can get stuck in your tissue and require surgical intervention. So, if you do run into any of these dangerous underwater animals, you better hope you have good insurance.

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