JIM WILLIE: A Major Breakdown Is In Progress For The US Dollar , Gold Price Will Rise (JULY 2019)

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Jim Willie , share his thoughts on the economy and how protect yourself against the next financial crash. A major breakdown is in progress for the USDollar index. It has broken its intermediate uptrend which began in April 2018.

Eighteen months of official rate hikes and tremendous hidden activity with derivative bond purchases, which obscure the absent USTreasury Bond buyers, have finally weighed on the King Dollar. The USEconomy suffers from 20 key breakdown signals, about which the lapdog press refuses to report. The historical tightening has turned into a failed experiment, an attempt to return to normalcy when no such event can possibly occur. Ponzi Schemes cannot be gradually unwound. The USGovt debt has gone past $22 trillion. The USGovt deficit this year is set to surpass $1.3 trillion. The missing money volume for the USGovt, a fat pig exploited by various departments, is conservatively estimated at $21 trillion…


Jim Willie forecasts are coming to the fore, made over the past few years:

Gold Trade Note is launched
Germany flipping East
China buying Saudi oil in RMB terms
USGovt tossing the Saudis under the bus
USFed reverts to Infinite QE Forever
USTreasury Bond recognized as global subprime bond
Numerous non-USD bank transfer facilities emerge
Britain seeks a role in Belt & Road Initiative
Iran becomes a vital member of Eurasian Trade Zone
US loses control of oil market as OPEC dissolves
The Dual Universe comes into form, USD vs RMB
Shanghai gradually wrests control of Gold market
US bond market unravels as crisis expands
US finds utter isolation


The Gold price breakout has begun in Euro terms. All signals point higher.

The Gold price breakout is building in British Pound terms. All signals point higher with more momentum than in the Euro counterpart.

The Gold price breakout is building in Swiss Franc terms. All signals point higher with equal momentum to the Euro counterpart.

The momentum is strong. Big moves are coming, to capture global attention.

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13 Scary Things that Happen When an Economy Collapses:

10 Things You Must Do Before The Dollar Collapses : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEWmQW4Sp8E

The Systemic Lehman Crisis Has Begun – Witness The Many Warning Signals Imminent Crisis by Jim Willie: https://youtu.be/M4NEM9RHqow

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Report Date: July 2019

by Jim Willie of Golden-Jackass

READ FULL DOC: http://news.goldseek.com/GoldenJackass/1561955003.php

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