Major Economic Collapse Will Start As Late As December 31,2019 – Stocks Will Crash & Will Stay Down

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If you have any money in a US Bank or retirement account, this plan will have a direct impact on you.Because Economic collapse will start as late as December 31,2019

Most People won’t know what to do … Starting as late as December 31. URGENT ALERT to all Americans.

You now have a small retirement window. If you’re older than 60, the next days will be critical for you… The retirement window will slam shut forever. And that what he is about to tell you may be hard to believe…

But Jim Rickards has built his career predicting events that most people thought were “unthinkable”… When he predicted the mortgage crisis, for example, nobody believed him either.

In Short, By the time December 31st, 2019 rolls around… James Rickards Fully Expect the Global Elite to Implement a MAJOR Change to the Plumbing of Our Financial System

Realize that there’s another BIG event coming by December 31, 2019…

The globalist currency won’t trickle down to everyday folks like you . It will stay at the top… and it will be exclusive to the financial elite ONLY. And yet, once this new currency takes over as the world’s top form of reserve cash…

I’m afraid after December 31st, it will be too late. Members of the global elite will pile up in this new currency. In the next market crash, we want you to be a vulture, All you need is the follow financial argument channel …

Because every American citizen deserves to be ready for Major Economic Collapse !!!


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