Meet Mark Janus, Whose Supreme Court Case May End Compulsory Union Dues: Podcast

Mark Janus is a “child-support specialist” who works for the State of Illinois. He’s also at the center of a Supreme Court case that may end the ability of public-sector unions to collect dues even from workers who are not members and who don’t want to be represented in collective bargaining. Oral arguments in Janus v. AFSCME will be heard on Monday, February 23, and should be decided by the end of June.

In 22 states, public-sector unions can force non-members to pay for costs related to collective bargaining and workplace representation. Janus tells Reason‘s Nick Gillespie he was never told about that arrangement until he saw dues being deducted from his first paycheck. He argues that forcing him to pay for a service he doesn’t want from a group he doesn’t belong to violates his First Amendment guarantees of voluntary association and free speech. (His union explicitly supports

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