Number Of Puerto Rico Residents Without Clean Water And Electricity Keeps Rising

A lone car provides the only source of light in the devastated Puerto Rico city of Utuado.

In the wake of Hurricane Maria’s wrath, Puerto Rico remains devastated. Newest reports from the island territory now show that the number of residents without clean drinking water and electricity continues to rise, despite humanitarian efforts.

Puerto Rico’s government has reported that roughly 10 percent of the islands 3.4 million United States citizens are without electricity Tuesday morning, an increase of about six percent from Monday.

Yesterday, 84% of people in Puerto Rico had no power (per govt stats on

Today, it’s gone up, to 90% without power.

— Jennifer Bendery (@jbendery) October 11, 2017

The island’s electrical grid was all but completely destroyed during Hurricane Maria, and many are still struggling without the most basic of necessities. This news comes just one day after Puerto Rico’s Governor Ricardo Rossello asked the

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