Quick And Easy Methods For Preparing Tomatoes For Canning

I’m not gonna lie – there is nothing messier than a bushel of tomatoes getting turned into jars of tomato-ey loveliness.  It’s a fair bit of work to process your own tomato products, but the intensely flavored results make it all worthwhile.

From my book, The Organic Canner, here are some of the shortcuts that I have learned to speed along the process of preparing tomatoes for canning.

Using a Food Mill

If you are really into canning, jam making, and processing your own food from start to finish, I recommend getting a food mill. It can save you a LOT of work.

A food mill has a giant funnel at the top where you put your soon to be processed produce. Then, as you push it down and crank it through, it spits the bad stuff out one end and the good stuff out the other end.  If you’re

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